Pre Theatre

2 Courses: 18.8
Served All Week 5pm to 6:30pm
Tables may need to be returned by 7.30pm


Crab Meat & Nori Soup (v option)

delicate crab meat matched with japanese seaweed, sweetcorn & asparagus

Chicken & Lemongrass Dumpling (s)

chicken with lemongrass, chilli, fine beans, red onion & red curry paste in a crispy wheat pastry

Plum Ribs

our melt-off-the-bone ribs glazed in honey, plum sauce & cinnamon

Crispy Wonton

light tenderized chicken & prawn meat dumpling in a sweet chilli sauce

Kimchi & Tofu Gyoza (s) (v option)

traditional korean staple kimchi mixed with tofu, chinese chive, shitake mushroom & glass vermicelli

main courses

Macau Chicken Curry (s) (v option)

home-made curry with chicken, chorizo, black olive, potatoes & jasmine rice

Tiger Prawns, Coconut & Garlic (v option)

succulent tiger prawns, asparagus, courgette, mushrooms, coconut milk in a velvety yellow rice wine sauce, steamed jasmine rice

Sichuan Haddock (s) (v option) (v+)

locally sourced haddock, broccoli, exotic mushrooms, sichuan peppercorn infused with chilli bean sauce, jasmine rice

Thai Chilli Pork (s+) (v option) (v+)

wok-fried pork loin, bell peppers, sugar snaps, chilli, in a fresh thai holy basil sauce, jasmine rice

Beef Shin Wok Noodles (v option) (v+)

slow cooked beef shin, chinese five spice, broccoli & wok noodles

(s) mild (s+) spicy (s++) very spicy
(v option)
vegetarian option available
vegan option available
We cannot guarantee that all of our dishes are 100% free from nuts or their derivatives, so please ask a member of staff before ordering if you have any particular allergy or requirements.